The End

I am a novelist. Four and a half years ago, I wrote my first book and became an author. Yesterday, I wrote The End and became a novelist. Like so many other authors, I’ve wanted to write a novel for as long as I can remember. I’ve had about 45 years of anticipation, of buildup, … Read more

Intention is Everything

Intention is everything. January, 2017, I went to a bookstore in Asheville, North Carolina. I looked at the travel section and said “I will write a book, and it will belong there.” It was published in October that year. In 2018, I said “I want to be known as a road trip expert.” In January, … Read more

The Only Resolution You Need

Fruit cups and yogurt

Every year, like most people, I think about the things I want to accomplish during the next 365 days. Get in shape, eat better, lose weight, make more money, save more money, expand my business, expand my world, write more, love more, clutter less, worry less, be a good partner, be a better friend, be kinder, be patient, be an example, be.

This year I realized it boils down to one simple tenet: make better choices every day.

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One Kindness at a Time

Webster Theater, Webster City, Iowa

More shootings. More hate. More anger and destruction and fear. It’s overwhelming. Even walking out the door feels dangerous. The violence is happening anywhere, everywhere. No place is safe, not school, not movie theaters, not nightclubs, not airplanes, not the street. It’s escalating and it’s terrifying, and for those of us, the incredible vast almost-everyone majority of … Read more

The Magic of Journals

Journals are a special sort of magic. I adore those bound blank pages just waiting to be filled. I love the feel, the texture, the unlimited possibilities for imagination and creation that each one offers. But only if you write in it, only if you actually fill those pages with thoughts and ideas, musings and memories, frustrations … Read more

Reset, Refresh, Renew

Six years ago I began this blog to provide an outlet for my writing. I write prolifically for The Local Tourist but that writing is for a specific niche. I wanted a forum where I could explore beyond Chicago and exercise my chops. Unfortunately I’ve never been very consistent. In the last two years I’ve written five … Read more

Iron Skillet Chorizo & Chicken

Iron Skillet Chorize & Chicken

I’ve never cooked with chorizo before, but when I saw some on sale I thought “what the heck?” Precisely because I’ve never cooked with it before I didn’t want to make a dish solely with the spicy meat. Who knew how hot it would be? I decided to throw in some boneless, skinless chicken thighs. … Read more

How to turn Rump Roast into Prime Rib

Rump Roast that tastes like Prime Rib

Red meat and I go way back. For ten years of my life I worked in steakhouses. Cattle Company was my high school job, Steak & Ale put me through college, and Kinzie Chophouse and Sullivan’s Steakhouse helped me launch The Local Tourist. One of the downsides to no longer working in restaurants that specialize … Read more