The Magic of Journals

Journals are a special sort of magic. I adore those bound blank pages just waiting to be filled. I love the feel, the texture, the unlimited possibilities for imagination and creation that each one offers. But only if you write in it, only if you actually fill those pages with thoughts and ideas, musings and memories, frustrations … Read more

Reset, Refresh, Renew

Six years ago I began this blog to provide an outlet for my writing. I write prolifically for The Local Tourist but that writing is for a specific niche. I wanted a forum where I could explore beyond Chicago and exercise my chops. Unfortunately I’ve never been very consistent. In the last two years I’ve written five … Read more


My high school graduation present wasn’t a car. It wasn’t luggage, or a vacation, or a huge party. It was an unabridged dictionary. It was a beautiful, glorious, six-inch-thick Second Edition Newly Revised and Updated Random House Unabridged Dictionary. As I opened the heavy package and unveiled this tome I laughed as only a glee-filled … Read more

It’s Been A Long Time

It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about being in an abusive relationship. It’s not that I’ve ever forgotten. Even though the last time I was hit by a man who supposedly loved me was fourteen years ago I know that who I am today is defined, in part, by who I was, and … Read more

A Failed Experiment

On January 1 I had the bright idea to write a blog post a day based on this calendar I’d gotten for Christmas. Great idea, right? I made it for nine whole days and I haven’t written here since. The calendar was “Wild Words from Wild Women”. I thought it would be quotes by strong … Read more

Window Dressing

Day 9: “I’m not embarrassed to be with a younger man, except when I drop him off at school.” – Angie Dickinson, veteran vixen I was single for a stretch of about ten years, give or take a couple of two-month relationships here and there. I loved being single and thought I would never ever … Read more