You Know That Feeling When…

You know that feeling when you’re nearly done writing your second novel and your third and fourth are bouncing around in your brain and then you’ve got a whole trilogy in a completely different genre saying HEY LOOK AT ME and all the destinations you visited during an epic year of travel are tugging on … Read more

Discovery Writing is Weird

Discovery writing is weird. And amazing. And weird. And fun. And WEIRD. I’m a list-making type-A type of person, so when I first decided to write fiction, I thought I’d be a plotter. I’d know what was going to happen, to whom, and when. I tried that with my first novel (Squeee! I still giggle … Read more

The End

I am a novelist. Four and a half years ago, I wrote my first book and became an author. Yesterday, I wrote The End and became a novelist. Like so many other authors, I’ve wanted to write a novel for as long as I can remember. I’ve had about 45 years of anticipation, of buildup, … Read more


My high school graduation present wasn’t a car. It wasn’t luggage, or a vacation, or a huge party. It was an unabridged dictionary. It was a beautiful, glorious, six-inch-thick Second Edition Newly Revised and Updated Random House Unabridged Dictionary. As I opened the heavy package and unveiled this tome I laughed as only a glee-filled … Read more

And – Scene

Day 4: “It must have been great fun to make love to me.” – Marie Dressler, Academy Award winner Until today I didn’t know who Marie Dressler was, but I looked her up and found out that she was a comedian and an actor that survived from vaudeville and theater to movies and was one … Read more

Comfort Zone? What Comfort Zone?

Day 3: “I’m very inappropriate, which makes me a problem dinner guest, because at some point during the evening someone inevitably says, ‘Okay, heh heh heh, okay, too much information! Heh heh heh. Don’t go there!’ I live there. I bought a house there.” – Margaret Cho, the empress of edginess I’m betting everyone has a … Read more