Things I Love

It’s Valentine’s Day! While I fully believe that love should be shared every day of the year, just like thanks should be given, it can’t hurt to take a day to honor it. I’m not a big one for over-priced dinners or boxes full of chocolates – wait, who am I kidding… – but I … Read more

Do Not Disturb

I love staying in a hotel. Doesn’t matter if it’s in my own city. I love big beds with unlimited pillows and the option to get room service, despite rarely taking advantage of it. I love the ice buckets and the little tiny coffee makers and the guilt-free-eating-in-bed. I love stopping by a nearby convenience store and picking up some overpriced liquor for an in-room cocktail, before getting dressed up and heading out to dinner, feeling swankier than I ever do when I go out from home.

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Dear Jim

Jim is a relatively private guy. Sure, we met because he was moderating a panel at a public discussion, and our early relationship developed in part on Twitter, but he pretty much keeps to himself. He’s on the social media channels but is very discerning about what he puts out there. You could say his public commentary is well-curated.

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Comfort Kitty

I’ve never considered myself a cat person. I do have a cat. Actually, since I’m cat-sitting for my brother’s feline, technically I have two cats. But I’m not one of those cat people. I like cats who act like dogs, which means that for me to like a cat it must have at least one of the following character traits:

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Little Victories

A woman’s six favorite words:

“How much weight have you lost?”

Granted that’s if the woman hearing them has gained, um, a lot of weight since moving to Chicago. Another woman’s six favorite words might be “Quarter Pounder large fries Diet Coke”, or “I love you, marry me now”, or “tickets please, this plane is boarding”. Tonight, my favorite six words were “how much weight have you lost?”

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Day 29 & 30 and the rest

Well now, I kind of fell off the face of this blog, didn’t I? I fell into the same old trap. The last two days of my “30 days of happy” were, well, happy. And busy. So I didn’t write. And since then I’ve been busy. So I didn’t write. And to be perfectly honest a lot of crap has happened in the last month or so. So I didn’t want to write. And now here we are well beyond another thirty days and I’m just now finishing up the last and I still don’t really want to write, but if I don’t then another thirty days and another thirty days will pass and before you know it I’m 50 and there’s no way I can catch up then.

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