Reset, Refresh, Renew


Six years ago I began this blog to provide an outlet for my writing. I write prolifically for The Local Tourist but that writing is for a specific niche. I wanted a forum where I could explore beyond Chicago and exercise my chops. Unfortunately I’ve never been very consistent. In the last two years I’ve written five posts, and four of those were recipes.

A lot has changed in the last six years. My then-boyfriend is now my husband. I’ve launched TLT in multiple markets. I’ve found an intense love of cooking (hence the recipes) and camping. I’ve learned that balance is vital and reflection is necessary for growth.

And I’ve learned that I really miss writing.

Writing is sharing. I tend to be introverted, and posting my thoughts and musings in a public forum provides an outlet for interaction. I’ve also learned quite a lot in the past six years, about business, web development, cooking, camping, love, and life. Some of what I’ve learned may prove helpful to others, and I can continue learning by interacting with others through this medium.

I’m excited to reset, refresh, and renew, and to share with you!

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