Cow say moo

Doug lives literally a block away from the Kansas State Fairgrounds. When you’re with a two-year old whose most frequent phrase is “See cows?” and can tell you what piggies and goats and sheep say (baa baa black sheep…wool…) , that’s an incredibly convenient location.

We did see cows, and piggies, and goats, and sheep, and we also saw antique tractors and a ferris wheel and rode a train and ate our way through the grounds. Instead of telling you what we saw, you can take a look for yourself!

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TLC Photo in Austin Monthly

I just received an email on Flickr that Austin Monthly wants to use this picture. Woohoo! The photo was taken when I traveled with David Kav on his inaugural Writing The Rails tour to Memphis to raise money for St. Jude’s.

My dad loved this picture

and who am I to argue with an artist? To be honest, it’s quite gratifying. As I took this I thought “good lord, there are a thousand and one pictures of the bean and I think this might be from a different perspective but who the hell knows because honestly I don’t care I just … Read more