Two Lane Gems, Vol. 2

Two Lane Gems, Vol. 2: Bison are Giant and Other Observations from an American Road Trip is a delightful tale of buffalo, waterfalls, and frosty treats. Theresa L. Goodrich and her ever-so-patient husband, Jim, embark on a cross-country adventure through the northwest. Departing from the Chicago-area, the couple heads for the Oregon coast with a loosey-goosey itinerary and a bucket of trail mix.

Two Lane Gems, Vol. 2: Bison are Giant and Other Observations from an American Road Trip

Their journey began in front of a dumpster, but they quickly made their way to a UNESCO City of Literature. Over the next 35 days they camped in National Parks, State Parks, and RV Parks. They stayed in hotels, motels, a cabin on a lake, and a 1913 Gambrel cottage-style mansion. They followed scenic byways, highways, two-lane roads, the Outlaw Trail, the Oregon Trail, and the Lewis & Clark Trail, hitting the highlights – and the low-lights – of America’s westward expansion. With a thirst for knowledge and frosty treats, they searched for, and found, what makes this country beautiful and unique.

They also:

  • drank in a mermaid bar in Montana
  • slept with bison – and survived
  • met a man named Lizard
  • stepped on the center of the universe
  • almost stepped on the center of the U.S.A.
  • escaped a rattlesnake – twice
  • fed horsies
  • petted alpacas
  • chased an eagle
  • did not degrade the surface
  • did not kill each other

In this epic, eyes-wide-open love letter to America, little is planned, much is ventured, and everything is gained.

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This road trip romp will be published in the following formats:

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  • 8 1/2 x 11 hardcover with premium color on premium paper, $74.99  Order

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Praise for Two Lane Gems, Vol. 1:

“If John Steinbeck earned a Nobel Prize in Literature shortly after publishing Travels with Charley, then Theresa should start planning a trip to Oslo, Norway, because Two Lane Gems is every bit the book Travels with Charley was. And then some. While the news is full of stories of divisiveness, Theresa and Jim stories from their travels along America’s two lane highways feature real Americans, educate readers on the nation’s past (warts and all), and inspire all of us to lift each other up. I can’t wait to read the next installment!” ~ Kristin

“Like William Least-Heat Moon, who wrote deeply researched investigations of America through a lens of deep earth maps (Blue Highways, and PrairyErth), Goodrich takes the reader on a quiet and stately drive across America, threading a narrative from small town to small town, always focussed on the hyper-local, on what is truly unique in each. ” ~ Family G

“More than a guidebook, Two Lane Gems is a vivid portrait of the American landscape. Slide behind the wheel to meet the characters who inhabit some of our country’s most interesting destinations. Along the way, you’ll also experience the quirkiness of these quintessential destinations and also meet a few fellow travelers along the way. It’s an adventure that I highly recommend.” ~ Paula Brandon

“Beautiful, thoughtful, wonderful, and exquisitely written! A honest-to-goodness treasure trove of hidden (2 lane!!) gems. Makes you want to immediately get in your car and discover them too. Theresa and Jim are perfect road trip companions. Can’t wait for Volume 2!” ~ Katie M.

“As someone who has traveled all 50 states and did a 3 week road trip from Chicago to the west coast and back during my senior year, I was finding myself reminiscing about some of the stops we made, but more often found myself feeling like I was with Theresa and Jim on their journey. It was such an easy read and I just kept wanting to go to the next chapter, but found myself missing the previous chapter as soon as I left it.” ~ Tim

“Two Lane Gems resides on my coffee table, always within easy reach whenever I’m ready for an escape. Following in the grand tradition of Twain, Kerouac and Steinbeck, the author finds America in unexpected places from the most unlikely of philosophers. 5 stars!” ~ Kelly

“Theresa’s writing is so real and personal, you feel as if you are on the (epic) road trip with her! She makes sure you check out all the amazing sites along the way, most of which people would never have known about. Her sense of humor is endearing and makes this book a real page-turner. I can’t wait for Part 2!” ~ Heidi Kohz