Author, Speaker, Storyteller.

Author Theresa L. Goodrich

Hi! I’m Theresa. 

I’ve been telling people where to go since I was a little girl. Just ask my parents. And my brother. (Um. On second thought, don’t ask him.) A voracious reader and non-stop talker from a young age, I knew that I wanted to use my words and my voice for a living. For as long as I can remember, I had a dream that I would travel the country and tell its stories. 

Living Landmarks of Chicago: Tantalizing tales and skyscraper stories; bringing Chicago's landmarks to life

Living Landmarks of Chicago

Tantalizing tales and skyscraper stories: bringing Chicago’s landmarks to life.

Living Landmarks of Chicago goes beyond the what, when, and where to tell the how and why of 50 Chicago landmarks. From the parlor used as a meat locker to the fight over the Field Museum, history comes to life in these tantalizing tales and skyscraper stories.