Clock’s Ticking

Tomorrow at 9am Eastern we start our trek to Miami from Asheville. We’ll spend the night in Port St. Lucie and board the ship on Saturday afternoon. I have eleven and a half hours to complete the rest of my work for the next week. Fortunately I’m (mostly) packed. I suppose if I need to I could work on the road but, really, that’s not very practical and certainly not very fun. (Have you tried working in a car? The glare! The glare!)

What’s really hard to process is that this is not a vacation – it’s work. I’m going because Celebrity Cruises invited me. But, because I’ll have no access to internet or phone it’s almost like a vacation. I can’t be distracted by emails or social media or all the things I should be learning about if I only had the time. All I can do is soak in the experience, take some pictures, record my memories, and then do it again.

I’m expecting an epiphany or two on this enforced connection-sabbatical. I’ll probably come back with a baker’s dozen. What I absolutely know I’ll have when I return is stories and memories and an oh-so-slight sunburn.

But that all starts on Saturday. For now, it’s back to work. Clock’s ticking.

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