The Culinary Cycle

I spent the evening enjoying a fabulous dinner across from some people who had apparently had a really bad day, maybe a really bad life. They found problems with everything. That is, until I waxed rhapsodic about my steak. Then they each asked for a bite. They, amazingly, approved.
They looked for problems and found them. Was the meal perfect? No. Was it delicious? Would I eat there again? Did I think they were a couple of nit-picking self-entitled holier-than-thous that wouldn’t be happy unless you said that it was allowed to be happy fools who should just let their palate allow them to be be happy people?
Seriously. Food is sustenance. It can be divine and it can be disastrous, but no matter how it’s done it’s not the beginning or the end of the world, and it’s not worth gnashing your ineffectual critical chops into a finely honed point that you can eventually stab into the next last top chef.
Eat. Enjoy. (Or not.) Repeat.

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