How much does the band make?

I was updating the live music calendar on The Local Tourist tonight and I noticed this on a concert listing:

  • Ticket: $24
  • Convenience Fee: $7.25
  • Facility Fee: $1
  • Additional Taxes: $0.36
  • Order Fee: $3
  • Total Ticket: $35.61

The additional charges and fees increase the ticket price by about 30%. Thirty percent. My question is: have the fees always been there but they’ve been rolled into the total ticket price so the general public doesn’t see them? Or is this a new practice?

I’m curious because I’ve noticed that Ticketmaster used to say a concert cost a certain amount and then you went through the whole ordering process before finding out it was actually much more after all of the fees. Now they say right off the bat it’s $xx for the ticket+ $xx in fees.

Are concerts getting more expensive, and if so, is the money going to the artist, the management, the venue, the ticket broker, what? Or have the “add-ons” always been there but now they’re more transparent?

And the ultimate question: do the bands get to keep any of it?

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