One of these things is not like the other

Days 7 & 8: “I detest humanity. I’m allergic to it.” – Brigitte Bardot, sixties glamour puss

First of all, I categorically disagree with Ms. Bardot. Second of all, I’m disappointed to see this quote in this calendar. I guess it goes back to the whole opinionated idea, but I just don’t see how it fits.

I’m an extroverted introvert. I do quite well in crowds and make friends everywhere I go, but I love my me time, my alone time, my don’t-bug-me time. That’s not because I don’t like people. I honestly don’t know why it is. I’ve always been a reader, and therefore fairly insular. I’m sure there’s a better explanation but I don’t have it. Suffice it to say I DO like people and I’m hoping Brigitte’s statement was taken entirely out of context.

Oh, and I’m also glad to say that I haven’t missed a day – of the quotes – yet! There’s only one quote on the weekends, so I get a day off! Unless I decide to write a recap and lessons learned from the previous week’s writings…but that’s better left for another day.

This post covers days 7 and 8 in my attempt to write a blog post for every quote in the daily calendar, “Wild Words from Wild Women“.

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