A Failed Experiment

On January 1 I had the bright idea to write a blog post a day based on this calendar I’d gotten for Christmas. Great idea, right? I made it for nine whole days and I haven’t written here since.

The calendar was “Wild Words from Wild Women”. I thought it would be quotes by strong women that would be inspirational. (So, I’m sure, did my mom when she got it for me.) Nuh unh. Most of them are about sex and breasts and using one and/or the other to get the upper hand. That ain’t me, sistah.

I suppose I should have looked ahead to see what the quotes would be, but part of the exercise was to write without forethought. I suppose I could have written an explanatory post and continued with something else, but frankly I was a little pissed so I took my ball and walked away and put all of my energies into The Local Tourist.

Well, the result of that is all work and no play and you know the rest. I feel like I’ve become SO entrenched in TLT that everything is about the site. That’s not good for me; it’s not good for my friendships and relationships; it’s not even good for the site.

That being said, I’ve been able to do some pretty amazing things in the last few months that I’m incredibly proud to claim as mine. I created a 100 Days Of Chicago photo contest with an exhibit of the winners at the Chicago Photography Center, a new Passport To Chicago that helps people check out local businesses while supporting charities, hosted a couple of AlphaBeers and a few Chef’s Tables, added to the growing team of contributors, implemented revenue sharing, started a daily deals round-up email, and increased traffic by 10% a month.

That’s great and fantastic and all but I need a break. I need a vacation. I need some time off. Unfortunately, there’s too much going on (really good stuff going on) so I’m not in a position to take one any time soon. What I can do, however, is take a mental break now and then and get some balance back into my life.

I realized that my happiest time this last week was when I wrote a blog post about my mom and I skydiving for breast cancer this weekend. I was happy because of the subject matter, but I was also happy because I actually wrote something good. I played with words. I got personal. I had fun.

So, I’m back!  I’m not promising how often I’ll write, but write I will.

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