From Party Girl To Home Body

“I don’t know how you do it. You’re everywhere. Do you ever sleep?”

I’ve heard that often in the last couple of years. I go out. A lot. It’s part of my job. And letting everybody know I’m out is part of my job. So it’s given me a reputation, of sorts. I remember pulling out a notepad at a meeting and someone commented “you’re taking notes? I thought you were just a party girl.”

Part of the reason I love my job is that I have an excuse to go out and have fun. If I wanted to I could be out every night of the week and it would all be a tax write-off. But the truth of the matter is I can’t be out every night of the week because if I am there’s no income to tax.

Being seen; being out; being known – that’s one thing. It is an absolute rush to walk into a room and be the Norm to their Cheers. It is also an absolute necessity to see and be seen when you’re a one-woman show. That being said, it doesn’t have to be every night. Or even every week. Lately it’s become a necessity to instead stay in for the night and respond to emails and make sure those events are posted and keep TLT’s contributors updated. But like a Hydra with a Franklin Planner I’ve got to schedule when to wear the tiara and when to put on the bookkeeper’s green visor and when to wear the editor’s hat.

Coincidentally, my sudden domesticity arrived shortly after my boyfriend’s furniture. I’d be lying if I said our living arrangement didn’t influence my nightlife proclivities. Of course it did! Previously, since I work from home, my social life was out there. Now that my best friend is right here I don’t have to search for conversation and comfort.

That’s probably the biggest reason. I’m not quite Susie Homemaker, but I’m no longer “Party Girl”, either. I’m learning that I don’t have to be all TLT all the time and can let others take a hat or two. I’m learning that a night watching Star Wars IV, V and VI is much healthier for my mental state than checking out the newest hot spots. Or decorating the tree while drinking mulled wine and listening to carols is worth so much more than that blog post that nobody will miss because it never left my head.

Will I still be out? You betcha. I miss my girls – you know who you are – and dancing until 4am.

Do I ever sleep?

Starting now, yes.

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