Day 23: I will be happy, I will be happy…

Since I started this challenge it’s been easy for me to think of something to be happy about. Even the days when I didn’t write I had a stockpile of posts just waiting for me to find the time. But today I needed this. I needed this requirement, this commitment to write about something that made me happy. Because today I was not. Happy.

Part of the reason for my decidedly down state is that I lost my phone. The iPhone 3GS I got two months ago for my birthday so I could give my son my 3G for his birthday. The phone that accompanies me to every event so I can tweet it and Facebook it and Whrrl and twitpic and basically document what it’s like to be a Local Tourist in Chicago. The phone that is my note pad, my calendar, my alarm, my to do list. That one. I lost it.

Don’t ask me how. I had it in my hand when I got home last night at 6:40. I parked on the north side of the street I live on. Crossed the street, walked inside, set down my purse and went to the bathroom and got a glass of water, then sat down and recorded Charity Chat. I realized shortly after that my phone was not with my purse, so I called it and I looked and my boyfriend looked and I called it again and we turned out the lights to see if the screen would show up and I got the flashlight and looked in every drawer and under every piece of *&#$ furniture and called it again and looked under the seats in the car and between the seats and in the console.

Fine. I lost my phone. Although I haven’t quite admitted defeat. It would be the first time I’ve ever lost my phone and I’m not yet ready to cede. No one’s used it and the battery’s not yet dead, so maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to recover this lost limb.

That alone is not enough to deflate my normally buoyant mood. But put that on top of the fact that my boyfriend’s car was stolen last week and I’m losing some serious happy juice. The guy moves in and poof – out goes his car. With his office chair in it, no less. He’s handled it with remarkable equanimity, but with my lost phone I was beginning to feel like we were in some karmatic black hole.

But then, then I listened to the interview from last night with Jeremy from Jimmy Insulin. That downright shamed me into happy. I am healthy. I have to watch my sugar, but nothing on the level of diabetics.

And that got me thinking about other things.

Like the fact that traffic on The Local Tourist keeps increasing 25% over the previous 30 days. And that I’ve started this weekly show with a team that also believes in giving back. And that I’ve got another fun project in the works, and I’ll be covering Lollapalooza with one of my best friends, and that I’ll be going on a road trip in September with another, and I’m adding more contributors, and my son is still making me “mixed tapes” and might be on the chase team for my Route 66 adventure, and I’m getting closer to climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, and and and and and

Phone? What phone?

When I think of ALL the wonderful people in my life and the wonderful experiences I’m fortunate enough to either have under my belt or to be planning, getting upset about losing a phone seems a bit dramatic. Sure, I need it for my job, but does that justify a mood that would ruin my day?


I’m too happy.

5 thoughts on “Day 23: I will be happy, I will be happy…”

  1. As someone who is an expert at staying happy while the world around you comes apart, I know it can be done and I know you can do it too. I wouldn’t pick a traveling partner who couldn’t!

    { } Marcia

  2. Mitch – thank you! I got a new phone today, so it’ll probably show up tomorrow…

    Marcia & Joanna – you two are bastions of strength and have endured more than I can imagine. I am PROUD to have you in my corner. You’ve both come into my life recently and you are both here to stay.


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