Day 20: The Cable Guy

It’s a cliché: when the cable company says they’ll be there “between 10 and 1” you fully expect them to get there at 12:59. Then they’ll need to run out to get some part they’ve forgotten and before you know it you’ve been trapped at home the entire day.

Not today!

We need to move the modem from one office to the other, so I called Comcast on Wednesday to get a cable installed in that office. So far I’ve had three surprises:

  1. They had an appointment available for today instead of two weeks out like I anticipated.
  2. It’s only $15.
  3. The technician arrived at 10am on the dot.

The last one was almost spooky. I practice positive thinking on a regular basis (hey, that’s what this 30 day challenge is about, right?), but when Jim said at 9:55 “Comcast is going to be here at 10am” I said “No, they call first.”

At 10am the doorbell rang. I looked at Jim and said “please use your powers for good!”

The technician is getting us set up right now and is making sure I don’t lose a connection in the process. Once he’s done Jim will be in his office, I’ll get mine back, and all will be right with the world.

Or at least I’ll have just one more thing to be happy about.

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