Day 18: Starting the day off right

When I was in Junior High my mom would wake me up at 5:30a.m. to go jogging with her. While that may seem like a young teenage girl’s worst nightmare, it’s actually one of my fondest memories. Back then she was not only working full time but was also finishing her college degree, and while weekends were reserved for family, after work she had class and studying. Those 30 to 45 minutes running on the rural roads of Terre Haute every morning were special because they were our time. I had my mom all to myself, and that bond solidified our relationship and to this day she’s my best friend.

Now I’m doing the same thing with my boyfriend. Every morning we head to the park that’s two blocks away and walk. I mentioned on Day 16 how important it’s become to me because it’s our time. For those 30 to 45 minutes I have him all to my myself, and vice versa. We talk about the day before and the day ahead, and I think it’s going to be a vital part of strengthening our relationship.

I know, I already talked about that. But just like I don’t have to mention just one thing that made me happy, I don’t have to only mention something once. Still, this exercise, this 30 day challenge is also about counting my blessings – literally. Each day I’m noticing different aspects of my life that are cause for celebration and am enumerating them here.

In that spirit, in addition to the relationship benefits from the daily walk, today I felt the physical benefits. Since we started a week ago we’ve doubled the laps and increased our speed and I am now starting to feel more energetic, more powerful, and more vital. Now that’s something to be happy about!

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  1. Hi Linda! No – we moved to Indianapolis when I was 15 and now we’re all in the Chicago region. My parents moved to the suburbs before I moved here!


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