Day 17: Told you I’d be back

Today I’m happy that I stuck by my commitment and am writing for the second day in a row…

Nah, that’s not why I’m happy. OK, maybe part of it. That and the morning walk and the soon-to-be smoothie are putting a little smile on my face. But there’s more!

Today I’m having lunch with some ladies that I really enjoy. Since I work from home my social interaction generally consists of networking, media events, or events that I host, so having lunch with friends doesn’t happen too often. I’m around people frequently but most of the time there’s some sort of agenda. Today it’s just some gals trying some good Mexican in Pilsen.

I’ve gotta tell you – one of the hardest things about this challenge is thinking I need to limit myself to one thing, so I’m going to throw out that silly restriction. Other things I’m happy about today:

  • Officially announcing Charity Chat
  • Adding a second yacht to Bringing Back Venetian Night
  • Meeting with one of AlphaBeer III’s Brew Crew to bring her some beer and chat with her about apps and stuff
  • Getting a bit more settled in with the new living arrangement

There’s more, but it’s time I get to work. Have a great day and see you tomorrow!

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