I actually feel a little guilty about writing this post. It’s after three in the morning and, while I’ve been working all night, I also have a busy day tomorrow. I’ve got stories from my Kansas trip that still need telling. I made it through a few items on my to-do list today but not nearly enough to justify the rant that I know I’m about to dive into helter-skelter. But here I am, setting myself up for a 4am bedtime because this is something that’s been bothering me for long enough to warrant giving up an hour or two of sleep.

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Example of a really good PR firm footer

I received this at the bottom of a request for coverage and just had to share: *____ encourages full transparency; please disclose that ___ contacted you on behalf of _________. ¬†If you are receiving free products, services, payment or other in-kind compensation in exchange for your participation, you must disclose our connection per FTC guidelines. … Read more

“Best of Luck”

“Best of luck to you Theresa” I’ve gotten that phrase a couple of times tonight. Neither were what I’d consider sincere. You see, tonight a friendship officially ended. It unofficially ended a few weeks ago. That’s when my “friend” said something more condescending than anything I’ve heard in over 10 years. In my 20’s I … Read more

A Rows By Any Other Name

How many of you are cringing at that title? Are you looking for an edit button somewhere, anywhere? Any idiot knows it’s rose, not rows, right?¬†Misspelling that word changes the meaning entirely and makes the mis-speller look careless, disrespectful, or downright rude. That’s exactly how I feel any time someone misspells my name. My name … Read more

Dear AT&T

That’s great that you’ve got lots of 3G coverage and I can connect to the Internet and download pictures and upload videos, but a mobile phone service doesn’t exactly work if it drops calls every time I move.

What price integrity?

This weekend I received an invitation to attend an event for free. No big deal. I receive them all the time. That’s not intended to be obnoxious: it’s part of my job. This one, however, was different. It figuratively screamed “pay for play” in a way that literally made me bristle. There are various invitations … Read more