30 Days of Happy

Man oh man this has been a rough week. I’m normally a positive and upbeat person who chooses to see the good in every situation. Ending a friendship, though, deserves some mourning. I didn’t feel I had a choice, yet cutting those ties was still a difficult and painful decision and that was why I … Read more

Point and Shoot

When I started this blog I chose Point and Shoot as my tag line for its dual meaning. I wanted the association with photography and I also wanted to convey that here, I would shoot straight. This would be a place where the internal censor would take a mini-vacation and my thoughts – bright, dull, … Read more

“Best of Luck”

“Best of luck to you Theresa” I’ve gotten that phrase a couple of times tonight. Neither were what I’d consider sincere. You see, tonight a friendship officially ended. It unofficially ended a few weeks ago. That’s when my “friend” said something more condescending than anything I’ve heard in over 10 years. In my 20’s I … Read more

Foot in mouth disease

Have you ever stuck your foot in your mouth without realizing you’ve stuck your foot in your mouth? And then when you do realize it, the reason for the sticking is gone and you’re left feeling like a heel? That happened to me tonight. I met a friend for a fancy schmancy dinner. I walked … Read more

Don’t Pinch Me…

There are some days I look at my life and I think “holy crap, how did I get here?” Actually, that happens most days. OK, pretty much every day I think about how good I’ve got it. For one, I love my job. Of course, if I didn’t I’d need to be checked into a … Read more

Hello, World!

I own a website called The Local Tourist. It’s a directory, a blog, an events calendar, a review site, a community, a happy place where people find things to do places to go people to meet in Chicago. I love it. I. Love. It. But, I am not It. I’ve known since I was ten that … Read more